Friday, January 1, 2016

The Horoscopes for 2016

Pisces & Pisces Rising
One of the battles that you face this week might be more about a sense that you get that something has gone astray. There’s no telling if someone has an issue with us unless they tell us. There is no way to control what another does or says about us. There is no way to convince anyone of anything about us, nor should we ever need to.
Refuse to explain yourself. Give the facts. Be clear. Be fair. Be transparent. Be willing to be held accountable. Be generous with others. Be generous with yourself in regards to the things that you are learning in social circles, about friends and in community. Be done with being apologetic for simply being yourself.
Be curious about what things you are learning that help you feel clear. Be interested in aligning yourself with teachers that can help you learn more about such practices. Be careful not to project too much on to them or to expect anything from them other than what they can teach you and what directions they can point you in. 2016 will rock your world. With two very potent eclipses in your sign (in March and September), you’ll be asked to step up your game in many aspects of your life. This can be glorious. This can be terrifying. This can be everything that you need and then some. This will all be much more helpful if you are able to work out any angst through a spiritual or philosophical practice or pursuit. Follow what gives you hope, what makes the world make sense and what helps you to decipher your next steps and the most important precepts to follow.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
This year wants you to find the time to organize your life. But it’s not exactly enough to organize it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s not enough to organize your self because your horoscope told you to. It’s not going to stick or make any major difference to the quality of your life if you do it merely because it’s some duty that you feel you must do.
You’ve got to get organized for a higher purpose. There is a lot of creative power in your chart this week and in the coming ones. There is a lot of energy for you to harness and draw upon. There is a lot of potential there if you want it. You might start feeling sexier, smoother and more sophisticated in your saunter. You might feel more alive, more ready to pounce on life and more able to conquer your fears of it. You might know all of a sudden what you wish to pounce on and feel lithe enough in your loafers to do so.
The theme here, and for a great part of the year, is that if you don’t organize your life in accordance with the bigger visions you have for it, not nearly a needle point of it will be able to get done. Make it your New Year’s resolution to streamline your days in the sleekest of ways, so that you have the down time, the play time and the creative time to make sure your bigger picture gets a place on your planner.
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