Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mutants and the Mechanism

This is what life is built on. 
The whole mechanism
 is built logically, 
and the life,
 lived abstractly.

And then, of course, is the real problem for the collective: It‘s individuality, pure
mutation. Pure mutation operates in a pulse. So we have the cyclical (abstract processes), we have the
fixed patterns (logical processes), and we have the pulse of the individual: it‘s there and it‘s not; it‘s there and it's not.

Now, of course,
the mutation doesn't have to be some kind of grand mutation. That mutation taking
hold is what, within individuality, we call knowing. And the thing to recognize about
knowing is that knowing has an existential appearance. In other words, it literally
comes out of nowhere

It‘s a brake that holds that aspect back from functioning correctly,
because it cannot function, it cannot operate correctly until it KNOWS. Otherwise, it is
uncertain. For somebody like me who is an individual and a knower, in my ordinary
life I say, ―I don't know‖ much more often than I say ―I know. Because this ―I don't
know, is simply that there is no direction.

Because the moment you enter into something correctly,
the knowing is inherent in the system.

In other words, it is correct action, and
through the continuity of the vehicle and the way in which we operate holistically,
this is a healthy and correct thing to do and you're not going to have this dilemma.
But, it becomes so uncomfortable for the not-self that carries individuality, always
pretending that they have made up their mind. This is what happens to individuals.
Individuals become pretend-collective. They pretend that they‘ve actually worked it
out as pattern, or they look back into their own experience. But this has nothing to
do with knowing.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mutation: Macro


We are a deeply complex
species. It‘s one of the
dilemmas that arises out of
the mutation that's taking
place in the Solar Plexus system,
the way in which we are having a transition in the way our mental system operates; we‘re moving further and further away from this basic, survival foundation. And of course, this is where we go
into very, very risky areas, like the difference between left-minded and right-minded beings. Right-minded beings don't know how to concentrate on their strategic survival; this is the strategic survival zone of the vehicle. It‘s what‘s there to keep us (d'NewAeon) alive.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fogged Memories Begun

Mystery Number One: The Mist Of Manannan 

In Britain and in Ireland the unique set of atmospheric conditions give us fog or mist so it is only natural that the Celts would consider this mist that always surrounded them to be a great way to communicate with the great mysteries of the world.

In mythologies mists are described as the places where the gods would hide, the barrier between this world and the Otherworld and also a way to get to and from the Otherworld.

The mist is named for the God of the Sea Manannan. In the mythologies when people from the Otherworld come to this world they come with the mist, the Druids are then called upon to see where this mist is coming from, to interpret what it means and to communicate with the beings who had come with it. So it could be a form of divination.

“And so, perhaps, the truth winds somewhere between the road to Glastonbury, Isle of the Priests, and the road to Avalon, lost forever in the mists of the Summer Sea.”
― Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Intention and Happenstance

Channel 30-41 is the Channel of Recognition through which we discern the potential experiences that are offered to us, and feel within ourselves how much we are drawn to a particular experience and how much attention and intention we are going to commit to it, or not.

        There are two ways to enter into any experience, the one, where you are not sure if having the experience is a good idea, and question what everyone might say about you if you do it, so even if you do undertake the experience, your approach is half-hearted at best, and you never derive a sense of completion or fulfillment from what happens. The other way to enter an experience is with totality; you weigh up your feelings and come to a point of emotional clarity, then make a jump, a quantum leap into the experience. Whatever happens within the experience, you come out of it with a sense of completion that opens you to all forms of new experiences with an added confidence.

Pressure Baby, Pressure Pressure. 

Put gold stars on 16-22 July, and keep in mind that you will have all of June, July until early August to take advantage of the poetic aspects at play in the universe. They will link your houses of international travel, publishing, broadcasting, academia and legal matters (where Saturn is based), to your house of creativity and artistic expression and romance (where Jupiter is based). The last leg of this dazzling triangle will be in your first house of personality (where Neptune is currently based in Pisces) and this proves the power of your determination and drive will allow you to direct this energy in any way you please.  


Friday, May 24, 2013

Neux Wave-Aeon

Emotional beings are here to know the pain and pleasure of need, passion and desire. To be correct when you ratchet, snap, spike, lock, crash and explode. Then it’s not just right for the individual, but for all those that have to deal with that being. Emotional beings are told in any analysis of their design to only trust what you feel. It is important to recognize that the awake emotional being transforms the planet we live on and changes the frequency.
Half the generators are emotional. This is the emotionalization of frustration. It is a thick soup that we can barely get through. All you can do is follow your line of geometry and see where it takes you. It’s one by one. One emotional person at a time coming to grips with what it means to be an emotional being.

 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. The filaments lit up inside myself, you, the Other, by the positions of vast armies of neutrinos, both concentrate and dispersed, are each the harbinger of duty and destiny.

Kinesis is the movement of the vessel with the coded filament...the spectrum appears in multiple axes in a vast array of dimensionality, because there is such infinity for movement. The wonder in and of itself is here on the physical-manifest plane, a plane tucked in and out of all other planes, that showcases such majestic architecture for the utter divinity that is inside the vessel, and yet, what the vessel cannot so well comprehend. . .

Each undertaking of one's life as a God. Requires that one takes responsibility for each Filament in the as much knowledge as one's Filament permits. Follow the fractal that is in the core. Even if that fractal lies on the wave of a buckwild oceanic flaming bird.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Child of the Sea

I am an emotional being (defined solar plexus) and the most intense emotional channel according to HD.  My experience from riding this wave has brought me great knowledge about my emotions.  I had the tendency to question myself, over and over and over again. This is when I was in the lowest point of my wave. And this wave showed up in cycles: within the day, the week and/or the month.  The moment I questioned myself, I was in my emotional wave. I was going lower; completely overwhelmed and plunging into darkness.  Every time that low in my wave was showing up, my tendency was to diagnose a depression and questioning: “how come I am not able to heal it, to make it go away?”  Now, I detoxified myself from this
questioning. Now, I let it be. Now, I keep the questioning to the minimum. Now, I experience the wisdom that this state can bring me. Now, I know that this is temporary. I wait for the wave to go up and I am enthusiastic again. All this knowledge helped me release my toxic thought pattern and enhanced my communication with my family and friends into positivity.

My Open Head Love

Welcome to Human Design. Per Human Design, we are all “lit up”
by neutrinos. Whether they are solar, terra or cosmic neutrinos,
we do not know. Neither do we know whether they are electron,
tau or muon neutrinos that light us up. One fact is that Human
Design popped up after the Supernova1987A in 1987. 
This Supernova caused an influx of neutrinos to rain onto Earth.
Now, take a light bulb, look for the filaments …screw in the bulb,
turn on the light and the filament lights up. See how much of the
room lights up. Now, imagine a person’s body with 64 filaments,
4 of which can combine to a total of 10 combinations (Spectrum of Individuation). Plug this body into the cosmos socket and this person lights up with a personality, thoughts, strengths, fears, knowledge, weaknesses and energy field.  
Light does not go through matter, neutrinos do. About 100 billion
solar neutrinos can go through 2 centimeters of one finger every
Neutrinos Interpreted

Multiply this by the surface area of your body and the total is
gazillionsof neutrinos go through our body.  And we are not even
If neutrinos light us up and gazillion neutrinos go through our bodies per second, and we do not all light up the same way, one can then assume that we have certain receptors to catch these neutrinos within our bodies to make who we are. What these receptors are, we cannot answer either. We do know that once we look at someone’s Human Design we continue to be amazed at the make up of each person: we can truly say that each person is a beautiful and individual being in their own way, a piece of the puzzle of humanity.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Late, May I Transitionall?

"Between now and early August you are likely to have your eyes opened to many things in your life that, looking back, you’ll realise you were inexplicably unaware of.  The truth of who we are and how we live will seem like a different country by then.  And in the meantime, we are asked to look beyond the limitations facing us to find what Saturn, the archetypal teacher, is asking us to attend to.
There will be a revelation, some great personal and collective gifts, and a new sense of purpose for us to uncover.

When we perceive opposition we are really seeing diversity, a beautifully spun fractal of light in all it’s infinite colours.  Rather than fighting it, or trying to control it, we can simply appreciate it’s difference and carry on with our own lives. Our diversity will carry us in different directions, as indeed it’s meant to do.  We are not all meant to be standing together as one, looking in the same direction and holding hands.  Each one of us has our unique take on life, our unique offering and path.

Pluto is an extremely concentrated power, sub-atomic and hidden within the most innocuous things.  He brings to the surface material that needs to be eliminated from our lives. Releasing the unconscious fear of death, limitation and opposition is opening us up to a new creative energy that will change life on this planet.  We are already seeing the first waves of this potent force.

Although it sounds like a bad thing, this is the point in our lives where creativity arises.  This place of fear.  But in our death-denying culture we’ve been taught to reflexively reach for packaged solutions rather than go within.  This immense creative power is not yet in our own hands.  This transit is likely to change that.

The Root Centre brings pressure into our lives – the pressure to take action, to re-act.   What might arise from the depths of your being if you chose instead to hold to your your own timing and awaited your own inner response, allowed a more conscious knowing of the situation?  This is our challenge, to be open to the power of what arises when we resist the ingrained pressure to react to fear without first knowing what it truly represents in our lives. "


M .A. R

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013


                       The Seven Hermetic Principles:


Mentalism:  The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental


Correspondence:  As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above


Vibration:  Nothing Rests, Everything Moves


Polarity:  Everything is Dual, Everything has Polar Opposites.


Rhythm:  Everything has its Tides and Motions, Rhythm Compensates


Causation (Karma):  Every Cause has its Effect; Every Effect has its Cause. Nothing escapes the Law


Gender:  Gender is in Everything; Gender manifests on all Planes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thee Qingdom

 [Jesus said]: "Let him who seeks not cease until he finds, and when he finds he shall wonder; wondering he shall reign, and reigning shall rest."  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Majesty Moves Me

"Majesty is the kinesiology of God."

Serpentile Sheddings

What is really interesting is that these abilities will strengthen and new ones reveal themselves as the Indigo ages. Many Indigo psychic abilities are ‘locked away’ until the individual reaches a certain age- usually around age 28 or 29. This is a built-in ‘safety feature’ because the mental maturity to handle these gifts isn’t really complete until the late twenties or early thirties. All Indigos will have an Dark Night/Awakening experience around this time. This coincides with their Saturn’s Return, where their True Mission manifests itself, and they have had enough time and experience as adults to try, test, fine-tune and learn to trust their innate psychic and intuitive abilities. Younger Indigos may be aware of their mission from childhood, but until this period of their life, they may have difficulty staying on course because of their innate curiosity and love of experiment and exploration. The return to the inner mission can be rough. The apparent lateness of this ‘bloom’ or Awakening is due to the longer lifespan of surviving Indigos, but this period is experienced by all people, Indigo or not. Even the early Alpha and Beta generations will live considerably longer than their peers, and will exhibit a youthful appearance well into middle age.

The thirties are a decade of rediscovery and recovery of the extremely high-end psychic abilities, like instant access to the Akashic realms, real time remote viewing, Clear channeling and interaction with inner Guidance, instant assessment of people’s thoughts and intent, deliberate synchronicity (sheer ‘dumb’ luck) simultaneous time-hopping (paralleling) and other intriguing Gifts. The healing gifts uncover themselves in the third decade also. These youngsters will grow up to become formidable healers, should they choose to fine-tune this particular gift. Most of the thirties will be spent discovering and fine tuning these spiritual Gifts. The fun really begins in the early forties, and the high power aspects of the mature Indigo begin to emerge. So, if your kid seems to be brilliant, but scattered slacker, or turns his or her nose up at traditional education and career opportunities, take heart- the mature inner core soul knows how to bide its time, and will do so, although it might be frustrating for you at times. Remember- it is their life, and they chose to return. You were their guardian and teacher.




the solar plex rev.

Glyph17.gif (1969 bytes)Glyph17.gif (1969 bytes)Glyph17.gif (1969 bytes)

"Some consider Indigos to be bizarre. These assertive individuals are born with their spiritual memories intact. Many parents report that their Indigo children regale them with vivid details of past lives or recent encounters with spiritual beings."

All Indigos have clear memories of past lives (although we don’t think of them as ‘past’), sometimes bringing confusion to us as youngsters. If our physical appearance or gender is different, we may remark upon it or even complain about it until our identity settles in at our seventh year. I was born a blonde, blue-eyed Nordic female, but always saw a stranger in the mirror as a child, because ‘my’ hair was supposed to be black and straight, my skin brown, and I was supposed to be a boy! ("That’s not me!" I don’t look like that!" I used to say, to my mother’s bewilderment.) It took me a while to get used to my appearance, gender, and its limitations. I am comfortable with myself, now. Even so, some Indigos cling so tightly to their ‘old’ identity that they may suffer from gender dissonance, and may even get their gender changed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Flaming Eyes Flutter

Time and space and consciousness and material form are all a single fluid mechanics in Human Design. In that clockwork flow, measured by the stars and solar system in an ocean of both photons and neutrinos, evolution happens when the earth orbit reaches a precise position in space and time. Evolution randomly mutates to specific deadlines! And late in March 2027...In March 2027...phoenixes. Phoenixes.

"This new awareness cannot operate until the cosmic clock is ready for it. It is there in mythology – the Age of Aquarius, the New Age, The Matrix, X-Men, Harry Potter, Vanilla Sky, we are talking about a disintegration of reality as we know it, and autistic people do not care for our reality because we experience a world of love and connection externally to their bodies. Autism is love, ask my wife, my children, but it is not competence in human terms except in the absurd crap that passes for academic stupor. A new form of INTELLIGENCE gives Rain Man, and me, some abilities that we presume are neo-cortex, because we only know of that."

At times the founder of HD, Ra Uru Hu, has implied even our domestic and industrial garbage is some art form that will nourish some future form of life, and he is very clear that all art is excrement. My reply is that we appear to all be dung beetles!


In my latest thread "Reconciling God and Science" in the Spirituality forum I coincidentally touched on the indole molecule in the company of the peptides found in the gut. Indole is a product of putrefaction and also the molecular nucleus for certain hallucinogenic compounds: the Lysergines (LSD); Ibogaine; Dimethyltryptamine (DMT); Psilocybin etc., not to mention the purple dye Tyrian Purple. The peptides found in the gut are essentially the same as the neuropeptides found in the brain.

Tyrian purple. And "Bunk" DNA

May Day Transitionals

1st May – Sun (24.2) and Mars (24.1) opposite Saturn (44.1) and trine Pluto (38.1)~
  our mind wants to understand what’s going on, but the incoming energies are not so accessible in that way.   Around this period we must balance our fear of the unknown with our intuitive knowing that something wonderful is happening.  We also need to honour it’s power.
The Sun and Pluto accentuate the power struggle and desire for personal freedom and self actualization.  The Root Centre brings a pressure to do things the way you’ve been taught by your ‘tribe’, so breaking free from this conditioning rather than rebelling is a powerful choice.  The Saturn activation in Gate 44 – Coming to Meet – tips us into a new relationship with the feminine, opens us to the power of creating directly from the void rather than from the ‘traditional’ patriarchal sources.

 Know Thyself