Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pan and Hiz Worms, 2016

Pan & Hiz Worms

I find myself a most vicious pan
After the god
And because it is
Forced upon me
The pretending of a man

I jauntily accept and even
Cherish the pretending
Because it feels
close, slight
To recognition.

But I also
Work it out of my body
Like a worm

Because I know it’s not good for the health:
To be a man.

And yet I keep on pan
Right on cue
Clockwork pomme
The finest refined actor,
Like many of us:
For all our lives.

the deworming
Leaves a residue
A scent
My history is stained
With olfactory factories
Chugging out the truth
While the birds die.

And the gods to which i
Pander to
That I ruse
I pretend
I hide some details
Here and there

And they peek out
Of my work pants
And plaid red shirt.

While I lay
very flat
Against the crotch of
my stiff cotton trousers.

Pretending to be a man.

A Man.

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